General Counselling: Crafting Legal Success - Ben White Unveils Trends & Insights for 2024

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With Ben White, Founder of Crafty Counsel

Join us on Montresor Legal's General Counselling podcast as Ben White, Founder of Crafty Counsel, takes centre stage to share his remarkable journey, unravel the essence of Crafty Counsel, and provide an exclusive peek into the hot topics that in-house lawyers will be buzzing about in 2024.

Explore the intricacies of legal recruitment and the evolving landscape of in-house counsel networking with our latest podcast episode! Ben White, the visionary behind Crafty Counsel, discusses the challenges and opportunities in the legal industry, offering valuable perspectives for both legal professionals and employers.

Montresor Legal is proud to sponsor Crafty Counsel, fostering connections that shape the future of legal excellence.

Don't miss out on this insightful discussion! Tune in now for a deeper understanding of the legal profession's dynamics and how Crafty Counsel and Montresor Legal are working to innovate in the legal market.

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