General Counselling: Working with ADHD

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With Fran Milton and David Ekong

At Montresor Legal we believe in fostering open conversation about diverse topics that matter in the legal world, and our upcoming podcast episode is no exception.

In our latest General Counselling podcast episode, hosted by Francesca Milton, we dive deep into a crucial conversation about ADHD in the legal profession.

In this insightful episode, we'll be joined by David Ekong, an Executive in the Alternative Legal Service Team at Herbert Smith Freehills, exploring the unique perspectives of individuals with ADHD in the legal field including:

  • What life was like before diagnosis
  • Working with ADHD
  • Awareness and different strands of ADHD

More about our podcast guests:

David is an Executive in the Alternative Legal Service Team at Herbert Smith Freehills. He received an ADHD diagnosis earlier this year, after attending an ADHD Lunch 'n' Learn with Jodie Hill, and subsequently engaging in various discussions about how many of the traits he presented, as well as the prevalence of ADHD in his immediate family (5 of his 9 first cousins also have ADHD).  Following his diagnosis, David has started taking a stimulant medication which he has found to be extremely helpful, and has also been on a journey of self and peer education on what ADHD actually looks like in practice.

Francesca is a Director at Montresor Legal and has worked in the recruitment industry for 18 years. She heads up Montresor's Business Services and Paralegal division, placing candidates across both permanent and temporary markets.

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