General Counselling - Gender Identity in Law

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With Danni Davies, Sal Morton and Stevie-Jo Barter

At Montresor Legal, we are committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and excellence within the legal profession. In this month's General Counselling episode, Stevie - Jo Barter delves into the complex landscape of gender identity within the legal industry, with guests Danni Davies, an elite US firm real estate lawyer, and Sal Morton, an ex chambers and partners Research and content associate.

This episode discusses the challenges faced by trans/non-binary individuals in the legal industry, and covers other insights such as:

  • Their backgrounds and experiences coming out as non binary during the height of their careers
  • Challenges and discrimination faced in doing so
  • Exploring potential avenues for progress and ongoing advocacy efforts

More about our podcast guests:

Danni Davies (they/them) is a Senior Real Estate Lawyer from at elite US law firm, Latham & Watkins. Danni came out as non-binary during the peak of their lawyer career and is a huge part of the D&I committee for the firm. Danni is involved in lot of charities and organisations that promote and create change for non-binary and transgender people. 

Sal Morton (they/them) is a content specialist, writer, researcher and performer with an interest in the power of queerness in culture. Formerly of Chambers & Partners, they now work in industry-leading audience intelligence at Pulsar.

Stevie-Jo Barter (she/her) is a Consultant at Montresor Legal within the Business Services division and has 3 years experience in the recruitment industry. She recruits business support roles for boutique, international and global law firms on a permanent and interim basis. Stevie is particularly passionate about the LGBTQ+ community and considers herself to be an ally.

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