General Counselling: Festive Podcast – A Year In Review

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With expert insights from across our business

As we approach the end of the year, we are thrilled to release the final episode of our General Counselling podcast series for 2023!

In this special festive episode, hosted by Tom Balmer, we bring together a panel of Montresor's esteemed experts to reflect on the noteworthy happenings of the past year and share insightful perspectives on what lies ahead.

Join us in this engaging conversation as our experts discuss the below topics across each of the Private Practice, Partner, Financial Services, Commerce and Industry and Business Services markets:

  • 2023 market highlights and trends
  • Where the market currently stands
  • Forward-looking insights and predictions

Whether you're a seasoned legal professional, a budding legal enthusiast, or someone simply curious about the dynamic world of law and legal recruitment, this episode offers valuable insights and perspectives for everyone.

More about our podcast guests:

Hannah Benger - Business Manager within our Private Practice team

Hamish Drake - Senior Director within our Private Practice team

Freddie Lawson - Senior Director and Head of our Partner Practice

Elmira Meehan - Business Director within our In-House team, focusing on FS related roles

Purdeep Sihota - Senior Consultant within our Interim team,. focusing on FS related roles

Fran Milton - Director and Head of our Business Services and Paralegal team

Joshua Blake - Management Director and Head of our In-House and Interim teams

Billie Partridge-Naudeer - Consultant within our In-House team, focusing on C&I related roles

Tom Balmer - CEO and Founder of Montresor Legal

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